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27 Charcos

Damajagua Nature Reserve is 10 km from Puerto Plata and is considered one of the region’s biggest attractions. Damajagua is a geological basin in which the water created a seven-kilometer canyon with waterfalls. A total of twenty-seven cascades fall from a height of eleven meters to natural lakes of approximately seven meters.
The adventure starts after you climb to the last waterfall, where you can admire a stunning view of the rainforest and the surrounding mountain scenery. Then you will just enjoy a clear-water ride, exciting jumps into the water and swimming beneath the water walls. In steeper sections, guides will help you, who will explain to you at the same time how to ride down the waterfalls as a slide.
The Damajagua Nature Reserve is not just about watering. It is also possible to admire many original trees and shrubs that grow only here or rare species of endemic birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, crustaceans or insects.

Paradise Island

The sandy Cayo Arena near the fishing village of PuntaRucia is White Sand, clear blue water and thousands of coral fish on a cliff lining an island all around.
A trip suitable for everyone, swimmers and non-swimmers, because you can either dive here or just browse through the fish.
Flippers, snorkel goggles are borrowed on the spot, and if you’re lucky, there will not be anchored by two of the three catamarans full of American tourists and you’ll really enjoy a romantic two-hour deal.
The route from Sosúa to the fishing village of PuntaRucia takes 2-3 depending on the current traffic, the courage of the driver and the strength of the protest of the co-driver. Local fishermen will take you by boat to the beautiful island. On the way back, you will go by mangroves, where you can also find good manners in the Manati language. In PuntaRuciasi you can also have traditional local food that is really worth it.

Puerto Plata

The official name of San Felipe de Puerto Plata, a city founded in 1496 at the third Columbian expedition. The city at the foot of Pico Isabel de Torres. City with beautiful beaches. A city with beautiful architecture. A city where there is really enough to see.
What to really visit in town? Definitely a local botanical garden on the summit of Pico Isabel de Torres, dominated by a statue of Christ the Savior from Rio De Janeiro. It is best served by the only cabin cable car in the Caribbean. At Teleferico bottom station is best to arrive in the morning. At that time, you have the best chance of climbing without clouds and a wonderful view of the whole city. You can reach the top by car or by foot, but it is not such a romance anymore.
Subsequently, Plaza Independencia’s central square has its original architecture and great cafés, the Jantar and Larimar Museum, or the original Spanish fortress protecting the harbor, the Fuerte de San Felipe fortress.
In addition, in the Jantar Museum, you can see a handful of cigars for a small fee, or taste Becherovka, called Mamajuana (mamachuana) and said to have an aphrodisiac effect. You can end the trip by visiting the local chocolate factory D’Oro, where not only will you see how chocolate really has to be made to make it chocolate and what it does not look like and you can not only see it, you can also taste it and of course you can buy it at your local shop. We have been well-proven kilograms of chocolate, the so-called “right bag of chocolate”

Ocean World and Ocean World Adventure Park Dolphinarium

OceanWorldAdventure Park in Puerto Platas is one of the largest dolphin aquariums.
In one-day adventures, for example, you have diving in a reef aquarium, feeding tropical birds, or visiting a rainforest. The main attraction of the Water World is, of course, swimming with dolphins and sea lions. For a small fee, you can also get nice photos in your holiday album or for envious colleagues from work.
Coralfish, moorings, rays, or even a reef shark, all you can find here, and often really close to the moooc.
As in any water world, there is a show with dolphins, sea lions and, of course, parrots ready for visitors. If you get tired all the time, you can relax on the sunbed at DolphinBeach Sky to sit in the local restaurant.

Adventure on zipline and Monkey Jungle

The MonkeyJungle is located in the Parque Nacional El Chocound Las Cavas de Cabar, 20 minutes drive from the city of Sosua.
MonkeyJungle is a rope center above the trees, MonkeyJungle is also an adrenaline zip line, Monkeyjungle is a bungee in a cave bat, MonkeyJungle is a monkey feeding, or a shooting range with both short and long shot.

  1. Zip Line
    7 stations and 2 suspended bridges. An hour and a half of adrenaline entertainment for the whole family under the supervision of experienced guides.
  2. Botanical park with monkeys
    A hundred cozy Kotulůvěverovitých. Here they are waiting for you to bring them to you for a local guide. Boats can be found in a small botanical garden, and there is also a cage with rescued Malpas Kapucínské. Malpies are known from the Pirates of the Caribbean or from the Night at the Museum.
    Unfortunately Malpas did not have so much luck and they are rescued tortured animals. The part of the admission is determined precisely and for them.

27 Charcos

Paradise Island

Ocean World Adventure Park

Monkey Jungle

Some useful information

North Dominican Republic is influenced by the Atlantic Ocean. The average water temperature constantly moves around the pleasant 28-30 degrees Celsius. Sosúa and its surroundings are in the so-called “Hurricane free zone”. It is protected by a high central mountain range and therefore, if Florida hurricanes rush, it is only ugly here. The most suitable period for November is November to May, when it is pleasant and not yet hot. December and January are the highest rainfall and may actually rain for two days in a row. Usually, the rains are steep and short.

In Dominican you can travel in many different ways, and if you have a blood group A (adrenaline: D) it can really be cheap. There are dozens of minivans on the main road in both directions (ie, Puerto Plata and Cabarete). Usually you only need to climb on the roadside and in a few minutes will land you. The Minivan (usually Hyundai H100), locally called GuaGua, takes you up to 10km along the main road for 50 pesos. If you plan a longer route, the driver will tell you the price. Another cheap means of transport are motorbikes. There are a lot of them and they are at every step. Of course you can find a taxi, but these are usually cars after death and cost more expensive than previous options. On the other hand, the taxi will take you to the place, while GuaGua will not get you going anywhere. For seasoned Europeans, it is best to rent a car at our car rental shop because you only become the lords of your time and movement.

The local currency is the Dominican pesos, but the dollars are almost everywhere. The average rate is 50 pesos per US dollar. If you are from Bohemia, the crown rate is 2.2 pesos. You can easily share the amounts with two, and you definitely do not mistake them. In the local shopping centers, Master and Visa cards can of course be paid. At the Playero (100 meters from the villa), you can also help with the cash selection. However, the maximum limit is only 2000 Pesos. You can exchange dollars or euros in any bank or currency exchange. The best exchange rate is available at the Super Pola Shopping Center (5min by car). For replacement, you need to submit the original “ID” (passport, driver). Exchange offices at the airport are not recommended because the course is very disadvantageous and could be called direct theft on a white day. In Spanish, the bank is called Banco. The Spanish Banca inscription, which you will find in hundreds of places, is the name for the local lottery and will not help you with the currency.

Electricity in Sosúa works more or less enough. Our villa is connected to a backup source, which switches almost instantly and long-term outages are rare. The mains voltage is 110volts and the sockets are USA. That’s why you need a travel reduction that you buy in specialized stores or in the free airport stores. We recommend that you get the reduction before your stay, but in the Playo Center (100m from the villa) you will find a well-equipped electric section.